Manufacturer of Inflatable Castle,Inflatable slide,Inflatable tent

Manufacturer of Inflatable Castle,Inflatable slide,Inflatable tent

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Exhibition Blimps

Exhibition Blimps Exhibition Blimps
Product name:Exhibition Blimps

Indoor Exhibition Blimps.

We also offer smaller exhibition blimp models for indoor flying. We offer 10ft and 12ft long versions. These PVC blimps come in a variety of base colours. You can have your message painted direct onto the blimp hull or onto detachable side panels. These indoor blimps utilise the space above your stand and create a strong and unique visual identity for your stand

promotional inflatable Blimps

Blimps are ideal site markers for outdoor locations. Flying at 30-60m above the ground, Blimps they offer a stable advertising platform for your corporate branding and message. Blimps and all our advertising airships will drive traffic both local and further a field to your site. Use the Helium Airships as site markers or as apart of your promotional campaign to make the wider area know about a specific promotion.You can have artwork direct onto the Blimp hull or onto removable side panels, which allows you to change your aerial advertising message when you need to.


Imagine your company logo on a sign that could be seen for miles in every direction – putting your business on the map, literally, with a landmark that says ‘Over here!’ in the biggest way possible!

We use advanced techniques and provide high-quality materials,excellent services and on-time delivery

Material: 0.18MM-0.3MM PVC,fire retardant and waterproof
Choice of sizes: From 4M TO 10M
Logo: 2-sided artwork either on banners or direct onto Hull
Quality :meet US and Europe standard.
Usage: advertisement, rental business, parties, clubs, parks, squares,out door entertainment, backyard fun and other business functions
We also can produce it according to your design, size and colors

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Helium balloon,
,Inflatable blimp

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